The Times Final Year Student Survey

High Fliers Research Ltd. are looking for enthusiastic, committed and innovative individuals to work as University Managers at 30 leading universities across the UK. All 30 University Managers will provide vital support to the Student Research Manager by coordinating a variety of campus based market research and project management tasks. It is a challenging position for a final year student, but if you are successful you will enjoy competitive benefits and gain invaluable experience to take to future graduate employers.

We are looking for Managers at the following universities:

• Aston
• Bath - CLOSED
• Queens University Belfast - CLOSED
• Birmingham - CLOSED
• Bristol - CLOSED
• Cambridge - CLOSED
• Cardiff - CLOSED
• Durham - CLOSED
• Edinburgh - CLOSED
• Exeter - CLOSED
• Glasgow - CLOSED
• Imperial College London - CLOSED
• Kings College London - CLOSED
• Lancaster - CLOSED
• Leeds - CLOSED
• Leicester - CLOSED
• Loughborough - CLOSED
• Liverpool - CLOSED
• London School of Economics - CLOSED
• Manchester - CLOSED
• Newcastle - CLOSED
• Nottingham - CLOSED
• Oxford - CLOSED
• Sheffield - CLOSED
• Southampton - CLOSED
• St Andrews - CLOSED
• Strathclyde - CLOSED
• University College London - CLOSED
• Warwick - CLOSED
• York - CLOSED

*Please note: We have no set deadline; applications are processed as they are received and are closed once we have found a suitable candidate at each individual university. Please submit your entire application ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Job description:

The ideal candidate will be sociable and have a good knowledge of their campus, with connections to societies and clubs. They must be able to plan and organise efficiently; and have the ability to work independently using their initiative to deliver the task at hand on time and to a high standard. Excellent communication and leadership skills are imperative, as the main task will involve recruiting, managing and motivating your own team.

You will conduct a number of tasks during Semesters 1 and 2; the largest of which will be to manage The Times Final Year Student Survey. The results of the Survey will be presented to the UK's top graduate employers in spring 2018.

Semester 1 tasks:

*team size is directly proportional to university population.

Semester 2 tasks:

All tasks will be fully completed by March 2018 – therefore final year exams will not be impeded upon.

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